Cellini Cups and Suede Carry Bag

Availability: Not Available
  • Heavy Copper
  • Comes with our Deluxe Padded Suede Carry Bag
  • Holds a baseball final load (Some baseballs may not fit)
  • Price: $320.00

    These are among my favorite cups. They feel great in your hands, they tip back nicely with a wand, take a baseball final load, and have a wonderful unique look.
    I think these are the easiest cups to handle that are large enough to take a baseball load.
    These cups will come with the deluxe padded bag. If you missed an opportunity to get the Cellini cups last time around, now is your chance.
    This set of cups will not come with balls. You will have to provide your own.
    • Got my cups in. I think these are going to become my favorite cups! Fantastic. Oh, and the bag. Dude, that is one nice bag!
      -T G

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