Bag for The Dean's Box

Availability: In Stock. Inside color varies
Details: Black Suede with contrasting Lining and trademark Ring Closure

Price: $79.00

These bags are the perfect way to carry your Dean's Box to all your shows.
  • Padded to protect the box.
  • Made from durable black suede.
  • Trademark Ring Closure is 2.5 inches around.
  • Lined with Satin.
  • Extra fabric at the opening allows for easy carrying.

    By the way, if you're looking for that "certain something" to use with Scott Alexander's version of this effect, we do have them in stock. We will offer them at a steep discount when you purchase your Dean's Bag. Inquire within.
    • I received my bag today and it exceeded my expectations. When I put a box inside and put it together I couldn't believe how great it looked. The way the ring fits around so perfectly and the box fits like a glove. Who created this? You? I am amazed. I just showed it to my wife and she couldn't believe it either. The material is fantastic. I couldn't find anything wrong at all. Great job. How can I get a hold of these to sell? Thanks a lot for everything you have done for us. I wish you hadn't bought the Box. I would have given you one for all of this.
      -Dean Dill
    • This is really outstanding stuff here, Frank. Thanks so much. I have two items of yours --- bags for Dean's Box and Ninja Rings --- but plan on many more purchases over the months and years to come.
      -Daniel Ulin