Eggs-actly Eggs

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  • Best egg on the market for the Eggbag trick. A must for the malini egg bag.
  • Best egg on the market for Silk To Egg.
  • They look like real eggs becuase they are real eggs. Just hardened on the inside for durability.
  • Price: $18.00

    "Eggs-Actly" eggs were designed to be used for egg bag routines or in silk to egg routines. They have a very durable inner coating. Eggs-Actly eggs are made from a REAL eggshell which makes them impossible to distinguish from a REAL EGG even in close-up situations. We now carry both types of eggs. Eggbag and Silk To Egg.
    You can get a small egg bag egg (no hole)
    or a medium silk to egg egg (with hole)

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