Busker's Pouch

Availability: Available.
  • Soft side pockets for pens, bus. cards, a wand
  • Soft pleated front pocket for juggling balls, silks, a coin purse, cards.
  • Inside pocket with coin slots
  • Laces can open up wide for easy access to loads or pulled tight to hide the contents.
  • Price: $259.00

    This pouch has many of the nice features of our Poacher's Pouch and also adds more room, and extra pockets. No longer just a place to put cups and balls loads. Finally, a large pouch that can be used for all kinds of street acts where you would rather keep your props on you at all times.

    The soft front pocket makes an excellent ditching servante for coins, and ]s without losing them deep in the pouch.
    Belt and extra props not included.
    • I have been using the Busker's Pouch these last few days, and I absolutely love it. I can't give you enough praise, because not only does it look great, but I am amazed at how much I can fit in there! If I put all the magic I put in there together, it would add up to almost 90 minutes! Thanks again for such a great product.
      -John Sturk
    • I've just received the pouch. It's really nice, well made and practical. I'm very pleased with it. I'm also pleased with how long it took to arrive!. I've ordered things from around the corner and they have taken over a month to come. So just nine days to come all the way from America is brilliant.
      -Paul Temple

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