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  • Cards Switcher (Jumbo) by Eduardo Kozuch - Trick - CARDSSWIJ

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    The first boxless card box!

    A spectator selects (freely - there is no force!) a group of cards from an ordinary pack. The cards are placed faces-out into plain stand on the magician's table. The stand, in fact, is barely large enough to hold the cards.

    The cards are reversed in the stand - their backs are now facing the audience. Now when the cards are turned over, they are shown to be the four aces!

    The Cards Switcher is a diabolically clever - and simple - method for switching one card for another, forcing cards, packet switches, ringing in gaffed cards, and so much more! It's a miraculous ultimate utility prop - and looks far more "ordinary" than the standard flap card box.

    The handling is exceptionally clean and above suspicion. In fact, they actually SEE you switch the cards in FULL VIEW!

    Available in Poker and Jumbo size, please specify when ordering

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