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  • Star Himber Wallet (Large wallet)- Trick - STARHIMBE

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    Imagine a wallet that allows you to have a selected card signed and with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND, it vanishes from the pack and appears inside the zippered compartment of your hippocket wallet! In fact, you can even have the wallet laying on the table in FULL VIEW! This is a pro-level effect! Imagine doing this and many other reputation making effects with cards, bills, credit cards and many other items, ALL with one magnificent wallet!

    • Made from genuine virgin calf-skin.
    • Has spaces for credit cards, money, business cards and anything else you put in your regular wallet!
    • Does double duty as a Kaps-type Loading wallet!
    • Does triple duty as a Bombshell-type wallet!
    • One of the nicest looking Himber-type wallets made!

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