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  • Jagged Edge (With DVD) by Docc Hilford - Book - JAGGEDEDGE

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    Has these important features:

    • No switching of papers. 
    • Only one paper is used.
    • No carbons in the pad, or anywhere else.
    • No peeks, glimpses or quick looks.
    • Any paper will work.
    • Everything can be borrowed.
    • No stolen center.
    • Perfectly logical reason for writing the thoughts.
    • Every move is natural.
    • Entirely new technique.
    • Can be used in an endless number of tricks.
    • Can be learned in a few minutes.
    • Completely one-man.
    • Can be used with a spirit medium act.
    • Instanly gives three pieces of information:
      • Who the 10 of 12 thoughts are,
      • Who wrote what,
      • And which thought was selected.
    BONUS MATERIAL: In this manuscript, you will receive The Phantom Artist, a clever effect by Percy Naldrett that enables you to reveal a thought through an artistic ability. Published previously, never before has this effect been given such a presentation. An original creation of Docc Hilford for use with The Jagged Edge...

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