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  • Magic Doodle Pen by Alan Wong - Trick - MAGICDOODLEPEN

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    Magic Doodle Pen is a new scientific invention that can apply to magic to create lots of new unusual and entertaining visual effects never seen before.

    Pack so small, play so big! Perform it anytime, anywhere - You don't need playing cards, no table or close up mat. You don't even have to be wearing clothes! Just carry a Magic Doodle Pen and you are always ready to do some close up miracles!

    Imagine if you can:

    • Draw a tattoo on your arm and move it to another spot!
    • Draw a coin in your hand and visually turn it into a real coin!
    • Make an airplane or an elephant vanish right in your hand!
    • Reveal predictions with not force!
    • Visually transform words and numbers!
    • Perform the Three Shell Game without the shells and the pea - standing up!
    • And More!
    This package includes Instruction Manual with routines and TWO Magic Doodle Pens so they will give you lots of fun and mileage!

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