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  • ESP Card Magic (Howard Adams) Vol. 10 by Aldo Colombini - DVD- DVD - DVDESPCARD10


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    This is the tenth in a series of DVDS dedicated to effects using ESP cards. All these routines are performed with a regular deck of ESP cards and with NO sleight of hand whatsoever.


    From a deck you predict the selections of four ESP symbols!

    COMPUTERA: A spectator selects three cards. You pick three cards under a napkin. These three cards prove to be duplicates of the spectator's selected cards!

    PACKETEN ONE: You locate a duplicate of a selected ESP design from a pile covered by a napkin!

    NO OBJECTS: You predict several symbol cards that spectators select!

    ESP NAME 6: Using the name of a spectator you will reveal freely selected symbols!

    MEGAPAKA: You show an envelope with a prediction and of course, you prove it to be right!

    TEXAS RANGERS: Two 'star' signs, representing Texas Rangers, capture two symbols that match the spectator's selections!

    SENSATIPS: A very strong routine that is easy to do but big in effect. A series of bewildering coincidences with an ESP deck of cards!

    PREDICQUIK: Several coins and a deck of ESP cards are used for this beautiful routine. A card is selected using a coin and you show another coin that finds the matching symbol!

    COMPUTRA 2: A freely selected card is reversed by a spectator in a packet. You reverse a card in another packet. The two reversed cards match!

    Running Time Approximately: 39mins

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