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  • Reel Magic Episode 27 (Armando Lucero) - REELMAGIC_27


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    Feature Interview - Armando Lucero:
    Armando Lucero talks with John Lovick about the value of secrets and earning knowledge.


    Jon Armstrong -
    Sessions, Las Vegas Pt. 3
    Giovanni Livera shows the guys a fun routine with a couple coins and a glass.

    Silly Billy - Reel Comedy segment premier!
    Silly Billy talks to famous magicians at Magic Live! about doing kid shows.

    Simon Lovell - Ask Simey!
    Simon answers your question about how to keep your hands moist.

    David Roth - ROTH!
    Explains "and they both go across" a real fooler!


    David Regal -
    Tricks of the Trade
    It's time to stand up for Stand Up magic!

    Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
    Reviews the 2 DVD set: Essential Magic Classics from Danny Archer


    Shawn Farquhar
    "S.T.E.P. 3" The last in the series of EXCLUSIVE tricks from Shawn Farquhar

    Marien Hopman "Knife in a bottler" from "Marien Hopman" published by Big Blind Media

    Danny Archer "Pick a coin... any coin" from "Essential Magic Classics" published by Big Blind Media


    Charlie Frye
    "Downs Star"

    David Hira "Zephrin Color Change"

    Alexander Hansford "Edinburgh Tip-Over"

    Including the .pdf file, Magicseen, a European publication.

    Running Time Approximately: 2hr 27min

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