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  • Magic Planet vol. 3: Live in Asia and Malaysia by Franz Harary and The Miracle Factory - DVD - MAGICPLANET_3


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    Remastered from the Magic Planet TV series
    Over 90 Minutes of Footage
    Franz Harary Presents Mega-Illusions
    Magicians from Around the World
    Stage and Close-up Performances

    Live in Asia

    • Magic in China and Korea
    • D.N.A. Illusion
    • Aerial Escape
    • Car Production
    • Dancer Appearance
    • Walking Through a Girl
    • Morphing a Girl into a Python
    • Materializing a Girl in Water
    • The Flying Machine
    • Burned by a Jet Engine
    • Fluorescent Light Penetration
    • Shattered and Restored Vase

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