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    Extreme Magic MakeOver is filled with brand new, funny, original, COMPLETE ROUTINES for some of magic's most popular and widely performed effects.

    Hal Spear and Paul Romhany have put together a book all magicians can use - complete FULL, ORIGINAL patter for the following effects:

    Torn and Restored Newspaper - three different routines
    Bowl-A-Rama by Kevin James - two comedy routines for this amazing effect - no longer just an opening routine
    Six card Repeat and Six Bill Repeat - three routines
    Snowstorm in China - two different routines that are original
    Mental Epic - three very different comedy routines
    Half-Dyed Hank - three original routines (note: these routines are for white/red hankies and different than the black/red in CSI:The Case of the Half-Died Hanky)
    Professors Nightmare - two versions including an adult version for the comedy club performer.

    Pages 82 - 7" x 10" - PDF format 

    "This book is a wonderful addition to any comedy magicians library. Created by a magician and also a fine comedian it gets to the heart of thinking, writing and performing strong material. Highly recommended."
    -Nick Lewin, Las Vegas

    "Hal "Chickie" Spear is one of the most respected Comedy Writers in the Business, and a knowledgeable Magician as well. This book is more than a "Makeover" , it's more like a" Comedy Collagen Injection from a Comedic Cosmetic Surgeon. " Like a Playtex Living Bra, Hal "Lifts & Separates" these tricks with his Comedy so that they become "Standouts with Hard Little Nipples" a word...Succulent !"

    - Paul Kozak, Las Vegas

    "If you're looking for a way to give your act a face-lift without doing all the heavy lifting yourself, then it's time to take a nice big swig of Hal Spear's Comedy Elixir. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and more importantly, your audience's."
    - Charlie Frye, Las Vegas

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