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    Both Magictales and Magictales Two together in one hard bound volume!

    "Magictales" - The Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic!

    Do YOU want to perform Magic routines that are memorable, magic that people will talk about for days?

    Do you want to learn entertaining routines that don't require knuckle-busting sleights or complicated mechanical equipment? You will find all of the above in Leslie Melville's new book, entitled: 'MAGICTALES' - The Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic! Author of the recently acclaimed book, "Kismet or the Enchanted Stepping Stones!" Leslie has written another, more comprehensive work in the field of Storytelling Magic!

    The material includes seventeen complete storytelling routines.

    Sample titles:

    • "A Young Man's Meeting With Death!" (An easy to do card trick).
    • "How To Exorcise a Vampire!"
    • "A Witch, A Pill and A Bottle!"
    • "Painless Parker and The Necklace of Teeth!"
    • "Cagliostro Lives!"
    • "The Prince, The Riddles and the Goatskin"
    • "The Friendly Witch and Her Linking Pins" (A comic rhyming routine for the Slydini Pins).
    • "The Blushing Palms of Samoa!"etc... etc.....
    Every routine is fully described in detail with hints and tips on presentation etc.

    Leslie says: "Many of these routines are quite new, others have been in my personal repertoire for a number of years. Also included are story presentations that I have created to fit into the occasional themed events in which I have been engaged to participate.

    In addition, there are items that I have been performing over a number of years as 'special one-off' presentations that don't always fit into a regular performance, but do have high impact value on the occasions in which they are presented!

    There is a chapter on Stories and Storytelling Magic

    It explains how and why telling stories will enhance your magical performances.

    It will show you where to find stories that will complement your effects.

    You will learn how to present magic that will engage the emotions of your audiences.

    There are hints and tips on delivery, timing and simple acting techniques that will improve your performances by up to 80%!

    Finally, I have been asked by the publisher to include the entire text of my previous work. "Kismet - or The Enchanted Stepping Stones!" (Still receiving amazing reviews - see the latest by David Goodsell in the May/June issue of "Oracle"). This I have agreed to do. So you will have two major books in one about a subject of which little so far has been written!" 'MAGICTALES' - The Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic!

    Is a collection of magical routines with entertaining story presentations that YOU WILL PERFORM! No pipe dreams! - No difficult moves! - No complicated apparatus!

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