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  • Magigram Vol.4 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDMAGIGRAM_VOL4


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    A spectator gives you a coin and four cards are selected from a deck. These cards reveal the date of the borrowed coin!

    COLOR WAVES (Arthur Carter):
    A great mental routine where you divine two selected colors!

    ROPED RING (Lewis Ganson):
    A ring penetrates the rope!

    RING-OFF (Rink):
    Same as above, a ring penetrates the rope and it becomes free!

    COLOR IN MIND (Ken de Courcy):
    You show three paddles of different colors. A spectator selects a paddle and you prove you predicted the selected color!

    BALL IN THE MIDDLE (Ian Adair): A rather unusual close-up mystery with a transparent and a rubber ball, where the rubber ball ends up INSIDE the other ball!

    BEWILDERING BALLS (Ravelle and Andreé):
    Three red balls are placed into a bag and three differently colored balls (say green, yellow and blue) are placed into another bag. The balls change places. Great for stage!

    HEAT TRANSFER (Graham Reed):
    A thimble is placed into your left hand. The right hand takes a lighter and heats the left hand. When this hand is opened, the thimble is seen to have ...kind of melted!

    An impromptu card routine with a regular deck of cards. You know in advance the selected card!

    TIED RING (Flip):
    A ring is tied on a rope without the ends of the rope being released!

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