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  • Magigram Vol.5 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDMAGIGRAM_VOL5


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    LASSOED (Les Woodcock):
    Three cards are selected. A piece of ribbon is placed into a bag with the deck. The ribbon is removed and now it has lassoed the three selected cards!

    THREE-WAY OPENING (Arthur Carter):
    Three big cards are shown with different geometric designs. A spectator picks one (free selection) and you show you have predicted it!

    THE FOUR ACES (Mark Weston):
    An Ace assembly where three cards are placed onto each Ace and the Aces disappear and reappear in one packet!

    THE CERTAINTY (Ravelle and Andree):
    You guess the name of a freely selected card!

    PUT AND TAKE (Lewis Ganson): A trick with colored chips concerning a robbery of six gems three in each hand, yet on opening the hands, all six are found in one hand!

    SLOW MOTION ACES (Joe Riding):
    Joe's version of the classic Dai Vernon trick from Stars of Magic!

    TURN'N TELL CARD MYSTERY (Ken de Courcy):
    A routine in three phases from a borrowed deck of cards!

    PASTEBOARD PENETRATION (Francis Haxton): A selected card placed under a magazine vanishes and reappears in the middle of the deck!

    FISH-OUT (Ken de Courcy): You 'fish' a card from the deck inside the card case using a piece of rope!

    FIND THE ACE OF CLUBS (Rink): A Three-card monte routine using just three Aces. Can be done with jumbo cards!

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