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  • Pentagram Vol.6 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDPENTAGRAM_VOL6


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    SYNONYMOUS SELECTION (Francis Haxton):
    Two decks of cards. You and the spectator pick a card each from each deck and, of course, they match!

    SIMPLE PREDICTION (Alex Elmsley):
    Two spectators each select a card. The cards have been predicted!

    FINESSE 1 AND FINESSE 2 (Peter Warlock):
    Two clever utility moves you will want to use for any standard cut and restored rope routine!

    THE G.D. COIN FOLD (Gus Davenport): A coin is wrapped in a piece of paper and it vanishes. The feature here is that the coin REALLY is wrapped all around with the paper!

    LAKLITE 2 (Peter Warlock and Jack Avis):
    Cards are mixed face up and face down and you will be able to separate them without looking at them!

    SUBROGATION (Francis Haxton):
    An odd colored card in a deck matches a card selected by a spectator. Then the odd-colored card turns out to be a Joker and the selected card is a Joker as well!

    POINT OF DEPARTURE (Alex Elmsley):
    A chosen card is placed between the two black Aces. The card disappears and it is found in your pocket!

    THE SIGMA SPELLER (George P. Sanderson):
    Four THOUGHT OF CARDS are found by spelling their names. Can be done in any language!

    MATCHSPELL (Peter Warlock): A matching coincidence which is both easy and very strong!

    MATCHING MATES (Francis Haxton):
    You place a card face down on the table and a spectator selects three more cards. They all match (say all Kings)!

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