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  • ESP Card Magic Vol.17 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDESPCARDMAGIC_VOL17


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    HENRY CHRIST & ESP (Arthur Carter):
    The deck is cut by a spectator and he then picks a card. You have predicted that card!

    CASE FOR ESP (John Yager):
    A spectator freely picks a symbol from five. You show that you knew in advance what the selected symbol would be!

    THAT'S THE ONE (W. Rory Coker):
    A self-working effect where a spectator finds the four symbols similar to your prediction!

    STRANGE ESP (Max Maven):
    A spectator cuts a packet of cards and picks the top card. He then selects two more cards and these three cards have the same symbols!

    ESP TIME WILL TELL (Nick Trost):
    A very neat routine using the standard clock principle with ESP cards!

    ENVELOPE AND ESP (Aldo Colombini):
    Two sets of ESP cards. A spectator picks a symbol from one set and another spectator picks a symbol from the other set. The two symbols match!

    DESIGN DECEPTION (Someeran):
    You show five ESP cards and a paddle with a cover. One spectator picks a symbol and the selected symbol is printed on both sides of the paddle!

    COUNTDOWN TO ESP (Aldo Colombini):
    You place a prediction on the table. Three numbers (1, 2 and 3) are used to deal a packet of cards. Four symbols are reached and they match the prediction!

    FLING ESP (Aldo Colombini):
    Using only twelve cards, you produce a series of bewildering feats in which randomly shuffled cards jump magically into pairs!

    A MENTAL ESP EFFECT (Marconick):
    A very visual effect with three glasses and three colored silks. You make a prediction and a spectator eliminates ESP cards until one remains. This matches the prediction. Can be done on stage!

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