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    Find out what ALL the TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS are reading.
    And find out more about THEM in VANISH magazine.

    If you haven't been reading VANISH magazine, you are missing out! But don't fear. We have collected them into one easy download. AND never worry about locating back issues because we will allow you to stream it as well. Close to 100,000 readers can't be wrong!

    Each issue continues to grow with great content!

    Each issue contains a wealth of information from the business side of magic to essays on performing including illusions, close-up magic, mentalism and birthday parties. The review section offers the latest tricks, books, DVDs and Apps to reach the market.

    In the first year you will find dozens of tricks ranging from illusions, close-up magic using cards, coins and silks and a special section on kids tricks. The six part series by Randy Charach on marketing alone used to sell for hundreds of dollars as a stand-alone item.

    Here are a few of the items you'll find in the first YEAR OF VANISH.

    Edition 1:
    How is the value of a commercial magician measured? By JC Sum
    Chipper Lowell feature Interview - an indepth look at one of the world's most creative and busiest performers
    Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler - bar tricks
    It's Child's Play - Kids magic by Tony Chris aka Zany Zak
    Magic Trick Reviews - the latest product/iproduct/books and DVD reviews
    The Magic of mentoring - by Nick Lewin
    Winning Numbers - Wayne Rogers shares a stand-up mentalism routine
    The Success Series - Professional worker Cris Johnson shares some of the secrets to his success
    Magic Face Lift - Illusion designer Mark Parker takes a classic and revamps it
    Income Marketing for Magicians - Millionaire magician Randy Charach discusses marketing tips
    From the Desk of Keith Fields - What makes an act good?
    Unprepared and Impromptu - UK mentalist Ken Dyne talks about being prepared
    Dear Pamela - a great card routine by Richard Webster
    You Can't Buy Personality - Bizzaro talks about personality
    Karate Shadow - amazing routine by Andrew Gerard
    Tricks are for Magicians, Silly Rabbit - Connecting with the audience - a routine by TC Tahoe
    Magic 24-7 - New York magician Ben Robinson opens up to what it is like to be a full time pro
    Real Coin in Bottle - a different version of this classic by Ken Ring
    Suspension Tips - Chair Suspension guru Kyle Peron

    Edition 2:
    From the editor - by Paul Romhany
    Six Thinking Hats for the Magician - JC Sum
    STEVE VALENTINE INTERVIEW - from magician to TV and film star - interview by Chipper Lowell
    Teller Speaks - The story behind the SHADOW copyright by Teller
    Bamboozlers - Another bar bet by Diamond Jim Tyler
    Impossible Prediction - routine by Luca Volpe
    Logic and Reasoning - Mark Parker shares some insight in to the world of performing an illusion
    House Keeping - Cups and Balls by Brian Watson
    Nick Lewin Presents - How To get work on a cruise ship
    346 on 1 - Birthday routine by Wayne Rogers
    The Success Series - Positive people by Cris Johnson
    Marketing Tip for Bizarre Magic - Illusion builder and designer Peter Loughran shares a killer marketing idea
    Income Marketing System for Magicians - Randy Charach's system Part 2
    From The Desk of Keith Fields
    The Revelation - UK Mentalist Ken Dyne talks about the final prediction
    Hermione - Costume change illusion by Lee Alex
    Cards of Fate - A card reading routine by Richard Webster
    The Transformation - Kyle Ravin's story on putting a show together
    The Secret to Happiness - Bizzaro's inner thoughts
    Penny for Your Thought - A coin routine by Andrew Gerard
    A Very Good Year - TC Tahoe's card routine
    Magic 24 - 7 - Part 2 by Ben Robinson
    Top 3 Rehearsal Tips - The real secret behind rehearsing by Nick Kolenda
    Barrel of Fun! - Coin in barrel routine by Danny Archer
    Glorious Stack - Memorized deck and ACAAN by Ken Ring
    A Magician's Constitution - something EVERY MAGICIAN SHOULD READ by Kyle Peron
    Lu Chen Review - The Hong Kong Show reviewed by Adrian Saw
    The Healthy Performer by Danny Weiser

    Edition 3:

    From the editor - by Paul Romhany
    Making News - latest news of the month
    Magician's Crossword Puzzle - print this off and have fun
    RICHARD WEBSTER INTERVIEW - sold over 1 million books this is an indepth interview with a true legend of mentalism
    Scryer's Svengali - Neal Scryer shares one of his favourite routines from his best selling book
    The Birthday Card Trick - Richard Webster shares his diary trick
    Extreme Inversion - Magic Babe Ning looks at her impossible escape
    Creating A Mega Stunt - JC Sum
    Bamboozlers - Diamond Jim Tyler's bar bets
    How To Choose Music For Your Act - by Jan Kosters
    Child's Play - kids magic by Tony Chris aka Zany Zak
    + Supermans Crystal Cave routine
    Life as an international Entertainer - Charles Bach
    Marked Deck For Idiots - comedy routine by Chipper Lowell
    Illusion Design by Mark Parker
    A Hard Days Night - By Bizzaro
    The Proverbial Standing Ovation by Matthew Fallon
    Clearly Q&T - routine by Banachek
    Nick Lewin Presents - Ken Brooke and the Three Card Trick
    Quick Flip Book Test - routine by Wayne Rogers
    The Success Series by Cris Johnson
    In The Trenches with Floyd Collins - interview with Julian Mather
    From Package to Platform by Lee Alex
    Is Your Logo Working For You? Kyle Peron
    Magic For The Masses by Michael Grandinetti
    Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach - Create Your Magician Marketing Plan
    A Long Time Coming - Viktor Voitko - Mark Stevens
    From The Desk of Keith Fields
    A Better Performance Checklist by Ken Dyne
    Street Theatre by Kyle Ravin
    Card Across routine by Tony Binarelli
    Silk Contact routine by Lawrens Godon
    7 Days A Week - routine by TC Tahoe
    The Horus Eye - routine by Luca Volpe
    Comedy Opener by Greg Arce
    Instant Stooge by Danny Archer

    EDITION 4:

    From The Editor by Paul Romhany
    Making News
    Magician's Crossword Puzzle By Balu The Magician
    KEITH BARRY INTERVIEW - By Paul Romhany - what made Keith the superstar he is today
    The Magic of Hypnosis - Matthew Fallon
    Ipad Solo Cam by Wayne Rogers
    What's In A Name by Bizzaro
    Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    Stapled To The Max by Tony Binarelli
    The Magic Civil War by Joe Givan
    Last One Standing - amazing routine by Neal Scryer
    Kids' Play by Tony Chris aka Zany Zak
    Routining an Illusion Part 1 - Character and Theming by Charles Bach
    Sure Fire Prediction by Charles Gauci
    America's Got Talent - Playing the Game by Mark Parker
    How To Succeed at AGT by Tim Ellis
    Magicopolis - Where Magic Meets Business by Adam de la Pena
    About Magicopolis by Steve Spill
    Vampire Slayer by Richard Webster
    The Success Series by Cris Johnson
    Spit in a bag by Banachek
    Nick Lewin Presents - Magicians, Mind Readers & Other Exotic Beings
    Superstars of Magic in Genting, Malaysia by JC Sum and Magic Ning Babe
    Think Big, Play Big and Win Big! By Lee Alex
    The One Gig I'll Never Forget by Danny Archer
    Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach
    From The Desk of Keith Fields
    Sharing Your Magic by Kyle Ravin
    Increasing Your Business by Kyle Peron

    EDITION 5:

    From The Editor by Paul Romhany
    Making News
    Becoming Comfortably Confident by Matt Fallon
    Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    Magicians' Crossword Puzzle by Balu The Magician
    Michael GILES - In-depth interview by Chipper Lowell - Part One
    Pyramid's Eye by Banachek
    The Success Series by Cris Johnson
    Just Say YES To Acting by Joey Pipia
    Name Dropper - routine by Wayne Rogers
    Why Vegas? By Bizzaro
    Millennium Supermentalism by Tony Binarelli
    Edinburgh Love Affair by Sarah Jones
    How To Get Amazing Client Testimonials by Leif David
    Who Wants To Stop Performing? by Ken Dyne
    Child's Play by Tony Chris
    Routine An Illusion Part 2 - Story, Conflict and Resolution by Charles Bach
    Thinking and Doing in Magic by Eugene Burger
    The Magic Assistant by Gwyn Auger
    The First Time I Advertised My Magic Show by Steve Spill
    Nicholas Night Exclusive Interview by Paul Romhany
    Into The Future by Richard Webster
    Double Prediction by Luca Volpe
    Nick Lewin Presents - Turning Sid Ceaser in to Mr. Magic for Steven Spielberg
    Czech This Out by Lee Alex
    Be Cool by Danny Archer
    Income Marketing System For Magicians by Randy Charach
    Let's Make A Deal or No Deal by TC Tahoe
    From The Desk of Keith Fields - Back on the street part 2

    EDITION 6:

    Choosing the material for your act by Matthew Fallon
    Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    Magician's Crossword Puzzle
    The Illusionists Exclusive world first by Chipper Lowell
    Michael Giles interview Part 2 by Chipper Lowell
    Business Cards and Online Printing by Kyel Peron
    Just say YES to acting Part 2 by Joey Pipia
    Nick Lewin Presents ... The Magic Castle's 50th Birthday Bash
    Analyzing Charlie Chaplins' What People Laugh At by Ben Robinson
    Sound Advice by Peter Mennie
    Hands-Off - Routine by Stefan Olschewski
    Yif - Art of Magic Interview by Tim Ellis
    Buying The Perfect Domain Name by Leif David
    It's Childs Play by Tony Chris
    Coming Up With Original Ideas by Charles Bach
    Downsizing of Magic by Jeff McBride
    The Magic Assistant Interview with Temika Sperry
    The Ring Rip-Off by Paul Romhany
    Piracy by Bizzaro
    50th Acknowledgements by Steve Spill
    Choosing Your First Grand Illusion by JC Sum
    Compatability Test by Richard Webster
    Ultimate Victory Cartons Illusion by JC Sum
    The Elimination Game by Wayne Rogers
    Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany & friends
    Stand and Deliver by Dean Hankey and Kerrin Hogan
    Billz routine by TC Tahoe
    Wilson Meets Weber by Danny Archer
    Young Magicians Corner by Chase Hasty
    The Success Series by Cris Johnson
    Income Marketing for Magicians by Randy Charach
    From the Desk of Keith Fields
    And Another Thing by Chipper Lowell

    VANISH has quickly become the leading 'go to' magic magazine in the world featuring some of the most prominent working magicians and mentalists out there today including; Jeff Mcbride, Banachek, Richard Webster, Keith Fields, Wayne Rogers, Eugene Burger, Mark Parker, Nick Lewin, Cris Johsnon, Randy Charach, Andrew Gerard, TC Tahoe, Bizzaro, JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning, Nick Lewin and Diamond Jim Tylerr, Ken Dyne to name a few!

    Here's what the world of magic is saying about VANISH - International Magic Magazine ...

    "We have been readers of Vanish Magazine since day one and love watching it's continued success and growth since its inception. We love the ease and convenience of downloading each issue, yet it has the feel and layout of a real magazine. What more could you ask for? MORE VANISH MAGAZINES!!!"
    Michael Giles

    "ALL the Vanish magazines are with me everywhere I go (on my laptop and mobile devices) so that I can read them while I'm on the road and refer back to all the great articles whenever I want to. Vanish magazine is the best collection of articles by working professionals. It gives you the best access to the people who are in the know. I love it!"
    Robert Strong

    "VANISH isn't just a magazine you casually read and then toss aside. In a single month, Vanish Magazine has more practical advice for working magicians than all the other magic magazines combined. If it were offered as a print edition VANISH would find a respected place of honor on my bookshelf (and not hidden under my mattress like all those other magazines)."
    Doug Scheer

    "Love the magazine, and the format! I've never missed an issue. It's the best value out there, the price is right, and the new iPad edition is "awesome sauce!!"
    Magic Mike Segal

    "A practical and substantial magazine done by pros. A real treat to see VANISH appear!"
    Rafael Benatar

    "Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading Vanish Magazine. It's got a great international feel! You've had me hooked since the first issue and I always look forward to the next issue. You guys are definitely covering new territory. Congratulations and keep up the great work!"
    Bill Herz

    Kevin James

    It is a crime that this magazine is free. This is better laid out and better content than many of the paid magazines out there. There is no reason anyone who has an interest in magic on any level is not reading this. In this day of age of "everything comes with a price," this is unbelievable."

    "I think it's great! Definitely directed at the performing magician - which is a niche not covered by any other publication."!
    Bill Abbott
    "I think' Vanish' should be AKA ' Glue' - you just can't put it down!"
    Wayne Dobson

    "VANISH Magazine somehow manages to bridge the gap, ushering in the future of Magic while honouring it's past."
    Bro Gilbert

    "Congrats on your new magazine, Vanish. Well done! I hope and trust that you have continued success!"
    Jeff Hobson

    "Just wanted to say I just received my free download and I'm very impressed! Great Magazine!"
    Bill Malone

    The internet has already had a major impact on how magicians find and access information, and now the International digital magic publication VANISH has embraced these changes bringing us the new fabulous magic magazine of the future.
    Alan Watson

    VANISH magazine is the BEST online magic magazine. Great information and always on time. It's on my iPad. It's a must have for all magicians.
    Oscar Munoz

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