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    FOUR SUITS DVD by Aldo Colombini New card routines!

    JOHANN'S FOLLY (Ryan Matney): A great presentation for a standard Hofzinser theme!

    APACHE (Aldo Colombini): A stunning transposition of four cards with some comedy in it!

    MAYO-ACES (Didier Dupré): Two Jokers find the four Aces! You will love this routine!

    TAKE OFF (Aldo Colombini): A card vanishes from an envelope and reappears face up in the middle of the deck!

    THOSE LEAPING ACES (Paul Gordon): The four Aces change place and find two selected cards!

    THE OLD ROMANTICS (Aldo Colombini): You produce the same Ace four times and at the end you show the four different Aces...with a laugh!

    STRICTLY STRAIGHT POKER (Nick Trost): An amazing routine using the high cards. After the deck is shuffled by a spectator, all the selections are FREELY made by other spectators, still you end up with four Straight Flushes!

    FAST FOOD (Aldo Colombini): Two selections between three Jokers vanish. Then a Joker vanishes and reappears in the middle of the deck between the two selected cards!

    A SPELLER IDEA (Tom Sellers): A spectator names any card and you place a shuffled deck in your pocket. You spell the card removing cards from the pocket and at the end you reveal the selection!

    NO PROBLEM (Cameron Francis): A great routine with a transposition between two selected cards!


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