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  • Impromptu Journey by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDIMPROMPTUJOUR

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    Ten amazing card routines totally impromptu and using just a regular deck of cards.

    TWO FOR ONE (Aldo Colombini): A stunning prediction and yet so easy to do!

    OUT OF THIS SMALL WORLD (Tom Daugherty): An impromptu version of the famous trick with just twenty-six cards but several climaxes!

    IMPULSE (Herb Runge): Two cards find the two mates on the impulses of the spectator!

    TAURUS (Aldo Colombini): Two Kings find a freely selected card where it was not supposed to be! Very strong effect.

    THE QUICK CHANGE SISTERS (Ryan Matney): Actually two routines using just the four Queens and a freely selected card. For walk-around too!

    WIDOW SWAPPING (J.K. Hartman): A red Queen is placed between the red Aces and a black Queen is placed between the black Aces. They magically change places!

    FOUR AND ONE (Nick Trost): A (say) red selected card is the only one among a packet of black cards... or vice versa? Very strong routine!

    A PROMISE IS A PROMISE (Aldo Colombini): Three selected card are found in three different ways. For walk-around too!

    COLOR OF THOUGHT (Karl Fulves): A prediction using red and black cards!

    A CARBON FOOTPRINT (Paul Gordon): Yet another great prediction, so easy and so strong!

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