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  • Let's Go by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDLETSGO

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    New incredible packet tricks, easy to do and with a strong impact!

    CATO DEAL (Aldo Colombini): Cards are mixed face down and face up and at the end the selected card is the only reversed card in the middle of the packet!

    A BRAINSTORM IN GLASGOW (Peter Duffie): Two Jacks reveal a freely selected card. This is stunning!

    THANKS TO GOODLIFFE (Paul Gordon): Two cards are revealed at the end of an elimination process!

    WRONG AGAIN (Roy Walton): A unique 'Follow The Leader' routine with four packets!

    FAMILY REUNION (Aldo Colombini): A stunning routine using the twelve face cards!

    RISING HOFZINSER (Aldo Colombini): The four Aces move from bottom to top of a packet and the last Ace changes into the selection. The Ace is found reversed in the deck!

    FOLLOWING ORDERS (Karl Fulves): Two packets of cards change places in order from Ace to Five!

    DRIFTIN' (Aldo Colombini): A freely selected card is revealed by another... freely selected card!

    EIGHT-CARD BRAINWAVE (Nick Trost): A modern classic. One of Trost's best. A freely selected card is the only one having a different colored back (no force)!

    SMALL TIME (Cameron Francis): A mind blowing assembly using just six normal cards and a card case!


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