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  • Oil and Water Part One by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDOILANDWATER_P1

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    Ten powerful routines on the classic theme. ALL PERFORMED WITH REGULAR CARDS.

    FOURTEEN-CARD OIL & WATER (Nick Trost): An easy routine basically self working!

    ITALIAN DRESSING (Aldo Colombini): I am biased but this is my favorite oil and water routine. Four phases!

    OIL & QUEENS (Roy Walton): The routine became a classic and still is! A surprising ending that fools spectators!

    NEW WAVE OIL & WATER (Val Le-Val): The classic theme performed with ESP cards. The Waves are the water, the Circles ('O's") are the oil!

    SEPARATIC (Peter Duffie): A different routine using three red cards and three black cards!

    L'HUILE & L'O (Didier Dupré): A very fast and direct routine by our friend from France!

    VERY NICE OIL & WATER (Richard Vollmer): A four-phase routine where at the end all the cards become one color!

    SIMPLE OIL & WATER EFFECT (Carroll Mounier): The name says it all. A quick routine in two phases!

    SUPREME OIL AND WATER (Mike Bornstein): A strong routine with different colored cards (the red cards have red backs and the black cards have blue backs). Several phases with repeated climaxes!

    OIL AND WATER (Stewart Judah): A simple routine using three red and three black cards!

    All performed with regular cards!

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