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  • On The Cards by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDONTHECARDS

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    Routine with cards that you will use!

    ACES UP (Lin Searles): The four Aces are lost in the deck and they reappear on top!

    LOST AND FOUND (Nick Trost): You find a selected card under impossible conditions after the spectator shuffles the deck!

    JOKER DILEMMA (Aldo Colombini): A card matches your prediction and the whole deck turns out to be all Jokers!

    CARD LIE SPELLER (Marty Kane): One of the best versions of the 'Lie Detector' theme!

    A 'LESSEN' IN DISHONESTY (Peter Duffie): A packet of cards reveal a freely select card!

    MAKESHIFT (Karl Fulves): You take a card and it changes into a selected card in the hand of a spectator!

    SEMIQUAVER (Michael De Marco): A prediction seems wrong and then surprisingly right with a stunning finale!

    JUMBO COINCIDENCE (Aldo Colombini): A series of coincidences with jumbo cards cut in halves!

    DALEY'S LAST SANDWICH (Cameron Francis): The Aces transpose in an impossible manner and then trap a selection!

    WAVE STUNNER (Cameron Francis): The classic "B-Wave" effect with a clever twist!

    SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE BY CAMERON FRANCIS (who performs his two effects).

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