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  • Self-Working Packet Tricks by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDSELFWORKINGPACKET

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    Easy packet tricks performed with regular cards and with virtually no sleight-of-hand.

    MERELY THOUGHT-OF CARD MIRACLE (Paul Gordon) : A card is mixed in a packet of eight cards, yet you reveal it!

    BUBBLE SORT (Werner Miller) : Three face cards capture two selected cards!

    WEDLUCK (Peter Duffie) : Cupid (a Jack) couples the Queens and the Kings!

    CHANGE IN MIND (Howard Adams) : A great routine using cards torn in half and three coins!

    CHILD'S PLAY (Karl Fulves) : Two selected cards appear together while two packets are dealt at the same time!

    COURTING (Aldo Colombini): Two strong climaxes using the face cards! TRIPLE HUMDINGER (Peter Duffie) : Three predictions, one stronger than the previous with just a packet of cards!

    MIND-TWO (Aldo Colombini) : A five-card routine in which you reveal two free selections. You can do this with jumbo cards!

    SURPRISE SPELL (<Ian Adair) : A surprising spell with the revelation of the four Aces!

    SUIT YOURSELF (Nick Trost) : The spectator mixes the cards, yet he matches them suit by suit!

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