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  • Small Wonders by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDSMALLWONDERS

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    Ten packet tricks performed with regular cards. Cameron and Aldo joined forces again to produce powerful routines you can and will use.

    THANKS, MEESTER (Cameron Francis): A transposition between Kings and Jokers with a kicker ending!

    EXIT (Aldo Colombini): A packet of red cards changes places with a packet of black cards!

    EUPHORIA 2 (Cameron Francis): An amazing prediction effect that ends with a big surprise!

    GRAVE (Aldo Colombini): The Jacks turn face down one at a time, then they change into the four Aces and the Jacks reappear in the middle of the deck!

    DISTINGUISHED (Cameron Francis): A small packet triumph effect!

    STENDARDO (Aldo Colombini): A four-ace assembly which involves three selected cards!

    IMPROMPTU DUPED (Cameron Francis): Based on Darwin Ortiz's "Jumping Gemini," this multi-phased shocker is sure to get great responses, and it is easy to do!

    STINGRAY (Aldo Colombini): A strong transposition between four Jacks and three freely selected cards!

    RESWINDLED AGAIN (Cameron Francis): A new variation of Caleb Wiles' modern classic "Reswindled." Lots of magic with very few cards!

    GRIMACE (Aldo Colombini): Another Oil and Water routine. Why not?

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