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  • Taking Chances by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDTAKINGCHANCES

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    Ten routines, with cards and other objects.

    ELEVATION 39 (Aldo Colombini): An 'elevator' routine with a surprising double climax!

    FUTURE SHOCK (Roy Walton): A card is selected and found by your two predictions, which eventually find their mates!

    AVENUE (Hiro Sakai): A spectacular way to produce the four Aces!

    NUMISMATRICK (Al Thatcher): Several coins are placed on the table and shuffled by a spectator while you are facing away. One coin is covered and you can tell if it is a head or tail!

    ITALIAN POKER (Aldo Colombini): You show a strange poker game, a sort of magician vs gambler which ends up with a series of surprises and colorful productions!

    COINS WITHOUT CARDS (Howard Adams): A smart prediction using just coins (even borrowed)!

    UNDERGROUND SPIES (Aldo Colombini): Based on the "Whisperer" theme, here's a routine with several climaxes!

    FOUR-ACE PUZZLER (Paul Gordon): The four Aces are cut one by one into the deck and they reappear together on top (or reversed in the middle)!

    CAPS REUNION (Aldo Colombini): Based on the classic theme of the Matrix; four beer bottle caps assemble together under your hands!

    SUPER LINK (Aldo Colombini): Two rubber bands link and then unlink in the hand of the spectator!

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