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  • Two Magicians and A Deck of Cards by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDTWOMAGICIANS

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    This is the type of magic that can be performed anywhere, anytime!

    YET (Aldo Colombini): A card is selected and it is seen to be the only different colored card. It disappears and reappears face up in the middle of the deck!

    SIMPLY AMAZING (Cameron Francis): This is a fun, off-beat four-Ace assembly!

    FOLLOWERS (Aldo Colombini): Follow the Leader theme but the entire packet follows each time!

    S.P.C.A. (Cameron Francis): An almost self-working small packet "card at number"!

    NUMBERED (Aldo Colombini): A selected card appears face up at a position indicated by an amount of cards cut by the spectator!

    TUNNEL FUSION (Cameron Francis): An impromptu, great combination of the Tunnel and Fusion plots with two signed selections!

    FALLING THROUGH (Aldo Colombini): A comedy revelation and a transposition of two cards!

    THREE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS (Cameron Francis): A self-working prediction, divination and mind reading effect using normal cards!

    A TRIO BAND (Aldo Colombini): A rubber band finds three selected cards!

    IMPROBABLE VS IMPOSSIBLE (Cameron Francis): An incredible prediction effect with a stunning finale!

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