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  • Face Off by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDFACEOFF

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    Aldo Colombini brings you an incredible card routine in three phases.

    Heavy Traffic - You place a prediction face down between two face-down Jacks. The prediction disappears. You try again placing the prediction face up between the two face-down Jacks and the prediction card vanishes once again. You place an :invisible" prediction between the two Jacks. A spectator chooses a card, say the 7D. The Jacks are fanned and the invisible prediction has become visible. It is indeed the 7D!

    Seize the Night - The two black Jacks capture the same amount of card cut by spectator and then capture a previously freely selected card!.

    The Mouldon Match - You place three cards on the table; they match the spectator's selections!

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