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  • Perpetual Calendar by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDPERPETUALCAL

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    Finally available by popular demand! Here you will find EIGHT effects using cards and a calendar (or pocket diary). Fill up the days with the names of the cards as per the templates shown in the DVD and you will have a calendar that presents a unique feature: It is prepared to do all eight routines.

    CENTRIFUGAL DIARY (Peter Duffie)

    HAVE A DATE (Aldo Colombini)

    THE FLEXIBLE DIARY (Robin Robertson and Peter Duffie)


    FREEDOM DIARY (Peter Duffie and Aldo Colombini)

    VERSATILE DIARY (Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini, Robin Robertson)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Aldo Colombini)

    ZODIAC MONTH (Aldo Colombini)

    DVD with performances and explanations of all eight routines.

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