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  • Self Explanatory by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDSELFEXPLANATORY

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    Created and performed by Cameron Francis.

    You remove two packets of cards, one visible and one invisible. The visible packet contains four blank cards. "The invisible packet contains the instructions on how to perform the trick." You slip the first invisible card into the face-down packet and run it through, whereupon it turns visible. It reads, MAKE A MAGICAL GESTURE OVER THE PACKET. The spectator does this. Another instruction card appears and says, SNAP YOUR FINGERS OVER THE PACKET. The spectator does this as well. The final instruction card appears and it reads, SAY YOUR FAVORITE MAGIC WORDS. The spectator does this as well. "I think it worked!" You deal the cards face up onto the spectator's hand. They are now the four Aces! Complete with special cards and DVD.

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