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  • Twists & Turns by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDTWISTSANDTURNS

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    Created and performed by Cameron Francis. This effect is straightforward and powerful. A most unusual routine. A gem of intimate close-up magic.

    A card is selected from a deck of cards, say it is the 5S. A packet of three Jokers is introduced. The 5S is placed among the Jokers whereupon it instantly turns face down. It is replaced and turns face up. You then draw an X on the back of the 5S which is placed face down in the packet. The cards are counted and now the 5S is face up with an X on its face. The X visibly disappears off the face of the 5S and now all the Jokers have an X on their faces!

    It comes with the special cards and DVD (use any deck).

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