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  • Yikes! by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDYIKES

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    Performed and explained by Aldo Colombini. A tremendous novelty and a big hit for your close-up act!

    A spectator cuts the deck and deals off four random cards. You now show a packet of seven cards - six of the cards have blank faces, the seventh is blank on both sides. The latter card is the special "image copier." The six blank-facers are laid out in pairs on the table. One by one, the image copier causes a selection to appear on each of the blank pairs. But that's only three of the selections - what about the fourth? In a dramatic flourish, you pull back the top card of each pair simultaneously revealing the three mates of the card have magically printed to make a FOUR-OF-A-KIND!


    It comes with DVD and special cards (use any deck).

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