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  • The Choice is Yours by Wild-Colombini Magic - Trick - THECHOICEISYOURS

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    One of the finest card routines we have been privileged to offer.

    A sealed envelope is placed on the table. Eight cards are counted from the top of an ordinary, shuffled deck that has been cut by a spectator, and the cards are dealt into two piles. From this point the spectator makes the decisions and FREELY deals the cards in two packets. When the two piles of cards are turned over it is seen that one pile consists of all Spades (say), the other all Hearts! The spectator is invited to select a pile. There is no force involved. The envelope is opened. Inside is one card and one card only. It is the same suit as those on the table and when added to the four face-up cards makes a perfect running flush!

    Easy to do. Comes in booklet form with a 'special' something (use any deck).

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