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  • Elements of Mentalism Vol 1 (Water) by Nefesch - DVD - ELEMENTSMENT_VOL1


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    Water is the first in a series of 4 new DVDs where Nefesch will show some of his professional mentalism routines that he performs using the 4 elements of nature (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air)

    Routines Included in WATER:

    Water Mark:
    You predict the amount of water spectator would pour in a glass.

    Water Spell:
    You predict the word your spectator thought of on the wall of a glass.

    You influence the mind of your spectator, he creates musical notes putting water on glasses. The music plays the song your spectator is thinking of.

    Russian Roulette:
    A very deceptive and very safe Russian Roulette.

    The Fifth Element: Slap or Kiss
    A very entertaining routine where the performer predicts if he would be slapped or kissed by the spectator!

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