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  • ESP Card Magic Volume 19 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDESPCARDMAGIC_VOL19

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    Performed by Aldo Colombini.

    This is the nineteenth in a series of DVD's dedicated to effects using ESP cards. Werner Miller is certainly one of the most prolific creators with requards to ESP cards.


    IN MEDIO: You reveal a freely selected symbol in a very dramatic way!

    ESP ROLL: You flip and roll cards on each other until one card is face up and it matches a freely selected one!

    NEIGHBORLY HELP: After a spectator freely picks an ESP card, he eliminates all but one card and it matches the selection!

    ESPECIAL COUNTDOWN: A matching symbol routine using a freely selected number by a spectator!

    ESP SANDWICH: Two cards trap a symbol that matches a freely selected card!

    A LA THATCHER: From a deck you remove a card as a prediction. Another card is selected by the spectator and they match. Two more cards showing this symbol appear!

    BROAD HINTS: A series of amazing coincidences using two selected symbols!

    QUATREFOIL: A series of matching symbols are found from an ESP deck of cards!

    TRIPLE DO-AS-I-DO: A card routine involving three spectators with a series of coincidences!

    HELPING HANDS: Two 'helping hands' (cards with pictures of hands) are used to locate a spectator's card. The effect is repeated without the helping hands!

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