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    Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume #2, Pickpocketing.
    Nicholas Byrd and James Coats discuss body positioning, scoping & spotting, patter, and the theories behind the physical touch that will allow you to successfully incorporate pickpocket entertainment into your show.

    This Download will teach you, step-by-step, how to remove the following:
    -Hanging Items (Keys, Cellular Phones, Badges, etc.)
    -Items from Shirt Pockets (Cigarettes, Lighters, Pens, Glasses, etc.)
    -Items from the inside or outside of a Jacket., Coat, or Blazer

    Items form the front pockets of pants featuring:

  • The Dip
  • the Remington Shake
  • The Pop-Up

    Items from Back Pockets of Pants and Wallets, featuring:
  • The Ravel Hang
  • The Modified Ravel Hang
  • The Dip
      Learn Ricky Dunn Pickpocketing and much more...
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