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  • Spellbinder Volume 1 - Part 3 - by Stephen Tucker and Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD - DVDSPELLBINDVOL1_PART3

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    ROUTINES PERFORMED BY ALDO COLOMBINI. Spell-binder was published for three years (36 issues) by Stephen Tucker and included the best close-up magic of that time. Collaborators included: Stephen himself with over 100 routines, David Britland, Peter Duffie, Wayne Dobson, Max Maven, Joe Digman and many more.


    KARATE (Stephen Tucker): A Chinese coin (or any kind of coin) is split into TWO by a karate chop!

    SQUARE DEAL (Basil Horwitz): An ESP card is predicted using some 'data' from the spectator (age, address, shoe size, etc)!

    WIPE OUT THE ACES (Roger Curzon): A spectacular way to produce the four Aces (or any four cards, even selected ones)!

    MATE (David Britland): Two cards placed in the middle of the deck by a spectator find their mates!

    MY MISTAKE (Stephen Tucker): A playing card is predicted in a most unusual manner!

    ESP (Stephen Tucker): A stunning routine in three phases using two sets of ESP cards. Classic great Tucker thinking!

    COINED (Bill Goldman): Three coins pass from one hand to the other!

    BLACK RED (David Britland): Just four Aces are used and they change position!

    CONVERTED CANNIBALS (Stephen Tucker): An original version of the classic theme with a great surprise at the end!

    THE 24 CARD TRICK (William McKay): A stunning routine with a regular deck of cards where you reveal a THOUGHT OF CARD and the other three mates!

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