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  • At the Table Live Lecture - John Guastaferro 7/23/2014 - video DOWNLOAD - dvll_johnguastaferro


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    John Guastaferro is a dynamic performer, author and creator. Join John as he delivers nearly 2 and a half hours filled with some extremely creative and stunning effects. The focus is on 4 items: A deck of cards, a straw, a wallet and piece of string. He also speaks extensively about the "one degree" approach, offering up advice and ideas to take your magic to the next level.

    • In the Doghouse: Two Jokers and a selection transpose.
    • Club Daley: A two-phase sandwich effect using two selections.
    • Ballet Cut: John's versatile in-the-hands false cut/flourish.
    • Proximity Peek Control: Learn the identity and position of peeked card.
    • Twenty: A commercial blackjack and poker effect with a mental twist.
    • Little White Lies: A fooling packet effect with an ending no one sees coming.
    • Ring & String: Some fun bits, including unpublished ideas.
    • Tailspin: An impromptu twisting effect with some new added touches.
    • Hide & Seek: A very clean pocket interchange effect.
    • Multi-Mental: John's signature multiple selection routine.

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