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  • D.A.I. Wallet Set- by WorkShop Of Mystery - Trick - DAI


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    D.A.I is a wallet set made of high quality leather. It works perfectly as a normal accessory as well as a gimic wallet. It provides the cleanest "signed card to wallet" effect because the audience see a empty wallet before the card appear inside the wallet. Even better, "signed card to wallet" is only one of many effects the wallet make possible.

    There are seven of them in the tutorial video:
    1.Card to wallet
    2.Quarter Translocate
    5.Double Change
    6.Double Prediction

    You can perform them indepently or embed them into your routines, you can event invent new effects of your own with DAI.Your only limitation is your imagination.

    The wallet set includes:
    1. A Gimmicked Wallet
    2. A Mini Wallet of the same design
    3. Two Plastic Cards

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