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  • Reel Magic Episode 40 (Francis Menotti) - DVD - REELMAGIC_40


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    Feature Interview - Francis Menotti:
    Peter Pitchford talks with Francis about the power of "finding the metaphor" and that there's always something new to be discovered in magic.


    New! Tyler Erickson - Stronger Magic
    In his inaugural segment, Tyler discusses the benefits of Wand Cover during a false transfer.

    Doc Eason - Behind the Bar
    Doc and Kozmo discuss how to find the little pieces of gold that add humor to your act.

    Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U
    Kainoa talks about the growth of magical thought and what it tells us about making a coin appear.

    Christian Painter - Mindtripping
    Christian tears up some cards to good effect.

    Bill Wisch - Wisch on Slydini
    Bill shares Slydini's rare "Open & Shut Vanish."


    Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
    Wayne celebrates a flood of great new DVDs!

    Kozmo - That's Ridiculous!
    < Kozmo shows off some ridiculous close-up pads.

    David Regal - Tricks of the Trade
    David reviews several new E.S.P. effects, but there's a catch...


    Francis Menotti - "Bilver"
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Irving Quant - "The Kings Invert"
    Another Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Shaun Robison - "My Grandfather's Pillbox"
    Yet another Reel Magic Exclusive... How do we do this!

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