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  • Triple Deck (Red / Blank) by Ferry De Riemer - Trick - TRIPLEDECK_REDBLANK


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    Blank Triple deck by Ferry the Riemer & MagicfromHolland

    An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to perform great miracles and are very easy to do!

    The deck is based on the famous Svengali deck and you can perform most of the original "Svengali" routines. After you have demonstrated some amazing card skills, you show that the ENTIRE deck has changed into the selected card. So far, nothing different than the Svengali deck.

    But than you make a magical gesture and show that the ENTIRE deck has now changed into blank cards. All backs are shown, but all faces are turned blank.

    • Easy to do
    • No sleight of hand required
    • Instant reset
    • Professionally made in Bicycle stock
    • Included video instruction

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