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  • Reel Magic Episode 42 (John Borenbos) - DVD - REELMAGIC_42


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    Feature Interview - Jon Dorenbos:
    Mike Miller talks to the Pro Bowl long-snapper about how magic rescued a young boy from tragedy and changed his life forever.


    Doc Eason - Behind the Bar
    Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss acknowledging your environment.

    Tyler Erickson - Stronger Magic
    Tyler continues his series on the False Transfer, discussing Spatial Relationships, Freeing the Hand, and Destination Motivation.

    Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U
    Kainoa shares how the structure of Chanoyu relates to magic.

    Christian Painter - Mindtripping
    Christian picks up an audience member's vibrations using Larry Becker's "Cliptomatic."

    Garrett Thomas - Try This at Home
    Garrett creates a "musical score" to help orchestrate a routine.


    Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
    Wayne gets a new look and reviews the Meridian Technique, the Double Lift Project, and The Forces Project.

    David Regal - Tricks of the Trade
    David attempts to Define Better and reviews Jeff Prace's latest.


    Jon Dorenbos - "Double Trouble"
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    John T. Sheets - "Band Fusion"
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Liam Montier - "Count Force"
    from The Forces Project by Big Blind Media

    Liam Montier - "Forceps"
    from The Double Lift Project by Big Blind Media

    Liam Montier - "Swivel Cut"
    from The Controls Project by Big Blind Media

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