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  • The Triangles Prototype Edition Playing Cards - CARDSTRIPROTO

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    Meet the beautiful vintage black and red customized design. Every single card was individually designed.

    Only 1500 decks of The Triangles Prototype playing cards have been made by USPC and there will be no more reproductions.

    You will be satisfied with the long durability of casino bee stock. It does not have the rough feeling that bee decks usually have. As soon as you open the case, you will be able to feel the perfect condition.

    Jokers & Ace of Spades
    There are two ace of spades in this deck. You can use the four aces instead of four kings for any kind of tricks. The spade is small enough to let spectators think it's not strange when you need to show them twice to fake the ace of clubs.

    Kings & Court Cards
    All the court cards are newly designed with vintage texture and silhouette. The outline shapes of these cards were inspired by the original Bicycle design.

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