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  • Reel Magic Episode 43 (John Carney) - DVD - REELMAGIC_43


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    Feature Interview - John Carney:

    John Carney tells John Lovick about how Dai Vernon taught him the importance of simplicity, punctuation, and the pursuit of natural movement.


    Doc Eason
    - Behind the Bar
    Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss the proper length of a show.

    Tyler Erickson - Stronger Magic
    Tyler continues his discussion on Spatial Relationship and shares a Simple Transformation Drill.

    Christian Painter - Mindtripping
    Christian shares a mentalism routine using the two-card monte system with business cards.

    Garrett Thomas - Try This (at Home)
    Garrett discusses misdirection of the mind.


    - That's Ridiculous!
    Kozmo shares some ridiculous highlights from Magic Live!

    David Regal - Tricks of the Trade
    David thinks "Outside the Box" and shares his "Catch of the Day."


    Bill Cooke
    - "Boomerang Sharpie"
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Ariel Shrum - "Chaotic Correction"
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Gregory Wilson - "4 Coin Rolldown Flourish"
    from School of Cool courtesy of Big Blind Media

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