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    After nearly 7 years TUBE 2 is finally here!

    The long awaited follow-up to TUBE is finally here and it's called TUBE 2. It's a quick and easy way of creating a prediction of virtually anything - from big events like sports or elections to a card someone is thinking over the phone. The prediction is revealed on social media, making it easily shared.

    This secret is something you'll want to keep in your back pocket - for when you want to get some quick publicity or impress your friends.

    What can you do with TUBE 2?

    • Predict an event that is happening tomorrow, next week or a year from now!
    • Create a prediction minutes after learning the secret.
    • Once you understand the principle, you can use the technique to make a prediction about virtually anything!
    • Use TUBE 2 for viral marketing and publicity.
    • Create an online calling card for potential clients.
    • Use TUBE 2 to build your online presence.
    • Start using this in your act today and give your audience an instant takeaway they can share with their friends.
    How is this better than TUBE?

    Unfortunately, due to changes in YouTube, the original TUBE methodology is all but obsolete. You can use this new method to create predictions with all the impact of TUBE but without any of the hassle.

    The original TUBE has been used on radio, in magazine interviews and even by Luis de Matos at the last EMC!

    Honestly, you could use TUBE 2 to kill on a TV show. To win over a booking agent. To impress your friends. And it's soooo easy.

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