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    "This is FANTASTIC! - I LOVE your method!"
    - Dan Harlan

    Mind Card 2.0 by Catanzarito Magic is a new mentalism effect that is 100% propless where your assistant can instantly know a thought of card without any strange body positions, weird phrases, awkward gimmicks, etc. Download includes additional effects that Mind Card has evolved from knowing how many coins a spectator has in his/her hand and knowing a thought of number between 1-10.

    Mind Card 2.0 can be taught to any assistant in 5 minutes or less! Instant download includes a segment showing an actual teaching presentation to a brand new assistant. Purchase includes both an instant download and a manuscript.

    Also, you can now learn how to do this effect with your assistant over the phone!!! Your volunteer names a card and a quick call to your assistant over speaker phone will have them revealing the card and blowing your spectators away!!!

    - 100% propless!
    - Secretly communicate cards!
    - No gimmicks needed!
    - Perform the effect over the phone!
    - Close to 30 minutes of teaching!
    - Teach the effect in under 5 minutes!
    - Always be ready to present an awesome effect!

    Professional Reviews:

    "This is FANTASTIC! - I LOVE your method!"
    - Dan Harlan

    "Mike has released an ingenious - yet very simple - concept to communicate covertly with your assistant. It's great, I like this!"
    - Andreu

    "This effect is strong! I AM and will CONTINUE to use this"
    - Cosmo Solano

    Spectator Review:

    "You guys are totally freaking me out!!!"
    - Dan Allan

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