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  • Reel Magic Episode 46 (Philippe Petit Part 2) - DVD - REELMAGIC_46


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    Feature Interview - Philippe Petit Part 2:

    Philippe shows John Lovick the wire used to walk between the Twin Towers, and talks about how producing a dove was nearly his downfall.


    Jon Armstrong
    - Small Things, Big Difference
    Jon discusses the advantages of using twists, blinds, and bonuses to create surprise endings.

    Doc Eason - Behind the Bar
    Doc and Garrett Thomas share their ideas on building a team when performing in a bar.

    Tyler Erickson - Stronger Magic
    Tyler demonstrates the importance of syncing the hands, working ambidextrously, and using the eyes to convey the magic moment.

    Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U
    Kainoa talks about the beauty of complexity in your routines.


    David Regal
    - Tricks of the Trade
    David joins Mr. Wizard to review tricks with "Something You Need to Know."


    Alexandr Erohin
    A Reel Magic Exclusive!

    Eric Jones "Hellbound Remix"
    At the Table Experience courtesy of Murphy's Magic

    Movie Monkeys:

    Chris Mayhew
    "Coin Vanish", "Hofzinser Variation", "Naf Control", and "Strange Color Change"

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