Poachers Pouch

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  • Great Features
  • Versatile Design
  • Work as saddlebags
  • Great for strolling
  • Works as a servante
  • New Front Pocket

  • Price: $159.00

    Medium sized pouches that will hold just about everything. These pouches are large enough to easily hold 4 oranges and a huge grapefruit hat load with room to spare. Or use it to keep coins, cards, rings, shells, wand, and other small items, all easily accessible. Features
  • An inner pocket holds pens, thumbtips, an extra ball, or any small item for easy access.
  • Three coin slots are sewn to the inner pocket to keep your coin effects organized.
  • NEWA front pocket has been added.
  • Pocket openings are adjustable with laces. You can leave it wide open or adjust it down so you cannot see inside it at all.
  • A flap can be added at an additional $10 cost.
  • A custom flap can be made to connect 2 pouches like saddlebags.
  • Can be used around your waist or over your shoulder.
  • Can be used in pairs to hold more.
  • Can easily be attached to a table and used as a servante.
  • High quality, heavy duty construction will help it last forever.
    • The pouches arrived just a few minutes ago. These are very nice. They are just a little larger than the ones I used in pairs at the Renaissance festivals. The size means that they will be easy to get into and out of. And the snap off top is just perfect. I wish I'd had something like this ready to purchase when I started doing this 30 years ago!
      -Bill Palmer
    • The attention to detail on your pouch is amazing! From the adjustable gusset straps to the snap on flap to the internal pockets and thick rounded rim, your pouch exhibits a design that is sure to please the real worker, not to mention the quality of craftsmanship... c'est magnifique! A sure winner at a price that is ridiculously low! I look forward to your next project.
      -Andrew J. Pinard

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