Gim-Crack Hands Free Microphone Holder

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  • Great hands free holder for a hand-held mic.
  • Every entertainer should have at least one.
  • Keep it in your case. It will save you.
  • The perfect, inexpensive, microphone holder.
  • Price: $19.00

    If you use a hand-held microphone in your act that you need a Gim-Crack. No performer should be without this versatile microphone holder. This device is worn around your neck. The Gim-crack adjusts so the microphone is kept at exactly the right distance. A must for any performer who wants to take a mic out of the stand and still have both hands free. The the three-point base hold it slightly out for better sound pick up. It is shown here and with a mic. Fits both regular and wireless mics.

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