Mouse Balls

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  • Very Heavy
  • Won't roll away
  • Won't blow away
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Mora vanish is much easier with these.
  • Price: $129.00 $69.00

    These balls are very heavy. They weigh in at about 1 oz each. They are made from genu-wine computer mouse balls. You will find that the Mora wand spin vanish becomes much easier using these. Once you get used to the weight, you'll never go back. These balls are approx. 1" in diameter. The balls also have a steel core but are NOT recommended for PK needs, due to their weight.
    • The dice/chop cup came in. It's wonderful! Thanks so much. I may buy another one for a friend for the holidays. I also may order one of your padded bags for my cup. Do they come in different colors?
      -A.J. Polizzi

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